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NAIKC Karate

Connell Loveless presented the North American International Karate Championships NAIKC NBL Karate tournament this past weekend and Allegheny Shotokan and Team Kumite had a big time showing. The crew swept the continuous sparring divisions with Ali Viola, Billy Leader, Bess and Hope Chase winning big. Also the Jr. Girls team continued their undefeated streak with another first place win (Sara, Hope, Bridget) Great job by Cameron and Ryan in the black belt point sparring divisions. Cam did an awesome gojushiho sho kata.  Ryan showed alot best online casino of heart!  Bess also dominated the sparring competition. Liz took top honors in her advanced sparring division as did Sara and Ali. Ali advanced to the Grand Championship round vs Morgan Plowden.

Meanwhile at Mickey Forte”s BCAC Mon Valley Tournament (PKRA rated) the rest of team represented well under the direction of Sensei Arnold and Sensei Dave. Great weekend for team Kumite!!!



North American Internationals

sensei bill viola

Team Kumite traveled to Novi, MI (just outside Detroit) to compete in Connell Loveless”s North American¬†International¬†Championships, part of the NBL National Black Belt League¬†Tecumseh¬†Conference. ¬†Representing the team were: Coach Bill Viola

team kumite novi mi

  • Billy Leader: 1st place¬†continuous
  • Dominic Leader: ¬†1st place¬†continuous , 1st place point
  • Connor Burns: 2nd place point
  • Bri Chase: too many to list
  • Hope Chase: too many to list (on stage for The high school uses a cohort model in which a vice principal, a counselor, and two resource teachers follow the students from 6th to 8th grade, providing academic, emotional, and social continuity throughout out their years at King. Grand Champion)
  • Bess Chase:¬†1st place¬†continuous among others
  • Cameron Klos: 1st place point, 3rd kata
  • Sara Russell: 1st place point
  • Gabe Anthony: ¬†1st place point, 1st place weapons
  • Liz Leaseburg: ¬†2nd kata, 3rd point

Team Kumite collected some important points towards the NBL Supergrands. ¬†Next stop is Christine Fisher”s Spooktacular in Millersburg Ohio to finish out the conference.