Our classes are taught by the most experienced staff of black belts in the area. Allegheny Shotokan has decades of black belt excellence.

  • Family Classes Traditional Karate: 
Shotokan Karate was founded by Gichin Funakoshi (The Father of Modern Karate). The classes focus on four main aspects: Kihon (basics), Kata (forms or patterns), Kumite (sparring) and Self-Defense. The Japanese Art form is a hard style of Martial Arts that teaches perfection of technique and Character. Students focus on repect, discipline and work ethic. It is a incredible workout both mentally and phyically.
  • Family Classes Traditional Karate: 
Shotokan Karate for adults.  No Egos, just good stress relieving workouts. The classes focus on Kihon (basics) and Self-Defense. The Japanese Art form is a hard style of Martial Arts that teaches perfection of technique and Character. 
Sport karate takes the traditional arts and transforms them into competition. Our school trains and competes on a local, regional, national, and international tournament basis. We have travel teams and competitions for students of all skill levels and athletic ability. Sport karate builds self-confidence and focuses on speed, timing, and agility. If you are interested in competition, we are the premier school.
  • Norwin Ninjas (Ages 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9)
If you are looking to get your children into a class that will help them with mental focus, balance, discipline and respect… Norwin Ninjas is perfect for you. We have developed a special course for children ages 4-7 years old.  Private lessons available for 3 year olds. Our Ninjas course teaches karate basics, Japanese terminology, balance & agility drills, hand-eye coordination and respect! 
Our unique programs are designed to help individuals, groups, and teams improve speed & agility. We prepare athletes for the dynamic demands of competitive sports. Whether you need an extra edge during the off season, or want to maintain superior mental and physical skills all year round, F.A.S.T. is the answer.
It’s HIGH ENERGY, FUN, and DYNAMIC. It’s an workout that will get you in the best athletic shape of your life! The multi-faceted fitness conditioning workout is action packed with innovative enhancement exercises. F.A.S.T. program’s can benefit athletes from nearly every sport and skill level.
  • Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts Japanese JuJitsu
Mixed Martial Arts classes focus on both stand up and ground fighting. 
  • Weapons Training
For students who have achieved rank in any of our standard Martial Arts courses, we offer Kobudo (weapons) classes taught by head weapons instructor, Dave Zezza. The primary weapon that students begin with is the Bo (staff). Advanced students also study the Sai, Tonfa, and lastly the ancient art of the Samurai Sword.
  • Street Self-Defense
Although you will learn the basics of self-defense in any of our standard classes, some students wish to take their training to the next level. We offer comprehensive workshops that deal with advanced joint locks, pressure points, and street based combat. These classes have been used by law enforcement and the military. 
  • Speciality Workshops (Women’s Self-Defense)
We also offer 4 week and 8 week workshops that are crash courses for groups such as girl scouts, youth groups, church groups, women’s clubs, etc. This is extremely popular with females, and classes can be set up with as little as 10 in your group. Call 724-640-2111 for group discounts.  

Our programs are structured to develop positive “character” traits that reinforce strong family values. Integrity is the key ingredient to our success! Our programs build your “SELF” image with goal oriented objectives. Working towards, and reaching these goals, will boost one’s self-esteem. It is extremely important to balance self-confidence with humility… We strive to instill confidence, not cockiness. Each student is taught to be a role model and must lead by example. We help you harness your personal power. A student’s progression in the martial arts is largely based on a good attitude and positive thinking. We instill discipline to help achieve superior mental focus. To achieve a winning mindset, our classes embrace the three “D’s” Desire, Determination, and Dedication.

Karate is based on an ideology of courtesy. Students must learn the value of respect. The repeated act of bowing reinforces self-respect, the respect of authority, and earning the respect of one’s peers. At our dojo, there is no religious or subservience significance involved in bowing. It is a traditional custom associated with Japanese martial arts and culture, and should be viewed as a demonstration of respect for the art and one another.

All personal goals are accomplished while developing skills of self-protection that could potentially save the life of a loved one. Karate teaches powerful techniques including: punches, kicks, strikes, and blocks. However, these skills are reinforced with a serious sense of responsibility. We teach students self-control to refrain from violent behavior. The use of karate is always a last resort, as we teach there is NO attack in karate. Karate begins and ends with a block, upholding the concept of “self-defense.” Martial Arts is a dynamic full body workout. Students will benefit from improved concentration, coordination, & speed. You will feel more energized with increased power, and endurance. It is a great way to build stamina and improve reflexes while relieving stress in your life.

We emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork through competition. Tournaments encourage a spirit of loyalty, pride, commitment, and camaraderie. Although we have produced thousands of champions in the ring, ultimately a student’s success is not based on winning or losing a match. Real success is measured by setting goals and overcoming obstacles. Victory is defined when years of preparation meet the right opportunity. Winning a tournament only lasts a moment, but believing in yourself and having the perseverance to self-improve lasts a lifetime.

There is no secret to achieve a black belt or become proficient in karate. It takes years of consistent practice and training. The perfection of both your technique and character is defined by a strong work ethic. The physical and mental training will give you the peace of mind to achieve greater success at your job, school, or personal life. The lessons learned through karate can take ordinary people and transform them into extraordinary leaders.