2018 Shodan Sensei

🥋New Black Belts – Shodan – Sensei

Allegheny Shotokan “Viola” Karate Dojo is proud to announce a milestone moment for five of its members.  On Saturday September 1, 2018 the black belt candidates tested for Shodan (1st Degree) Junior Black Belt.  The students have been training between 7-8 years each to be eligible to test.  Earning the title of Shodan are 11-year-old Zach Farroux, 15-year-old Gabriel Anthony, 13-year old Stephen Jackowski, 12-year old Owen Orth, and 13-year-old Matt Morrow.  The students logged in over internship 100 hours, completed a 4-hour physical test, passed character education development and a martial arts history exam.

It was a record setting exam at the Dojo.  5 black belt all passed.  It is the largest group in dojo history.  Congrats to our new Sensei’s.  Examiners were Shihan Viola, Sensei Ray Walters, Sensei Bill Jr. and Sensei Ray Adams.  Sensei Gary was also invited to observe.

Sensei Zach Farroux, Sensei Owen Orth, Sensei Stephen Jackowski, Shihan Viola, Sensei Bill Viola Jr., Sensei Gabe Anthony, Sensei Matt Morrow,


Congratulations to these karate-ka:

  • Zach Farroux
  • Gabe Anthony
  • Owen Orth
  • Stephen Jackowski
  • Matt Morrow

The history portion was scored very well, but in the heat of the moment we did have some inside jokes including a yak & camel, bald headed monks in orange robes, shiane temples, and buttism.  Gentlemen, always remember that karate is a “journey” and not a destination.  We hope that you realize that the real learning begins at black belt. Always remember that quitting karate after getting your black belt is like getting your driver’s license and never driving…