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What we teach


At Viola Karate we teach traditional martial arts and training methods including:

Most importantly is budo (the martial way) 

What we Teach Kanji Description Memo
BuJutsu 武術 Martial Arts-skill, method, science of Japan – older/parent (warrior technique) mortal combat self-protection
Budo 武道 Martial Way – philosophical Life skills more modern 17th century+ self-perfection
Bugei 武芸 Art of War – Catchall term for Japanese fighting arts  embracing both budo/bujutsu  bu=martial gei=art military art
Martial Arts 武芸 Latin term “arts of Mars” (Mars/Roman god of War) it is the umbrella and generic term for fighting arts
Karate 空手 1 of many Japanese martial arts (judo, jujutus, akido etc.) meaning “empty hand” (developed in Okinawa) influenced by Chinese Kenpo
Shotokan 松濤館 A Japanese style of martial arts created by Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957) meaning the house of pine waves
Kumite 組手 Fighting: using martial arts skills  (waza) in realistic combat situations such as free sparring or block and counter. meaning crossing of hands
Goshin 護身 Real world self-protection techniques self-defense
jū-jutsu 柔術 Close combat used to neutralize an opponent in the form of pins, join locks, throws and submissions Jiu-jitsu is the Brazilian spelling
Tegumi 手組 Japanese wrestling, submissions and leverage kumite backwards
Kihon 基本 The fundamentals and building blocks of karate (blocks, punches, kicks, strikes, stances) Basics
Kata Karate forms required for advancement.  Memorized patterns of techniques that simulate an imaginary fight
Bunkai 分解 Analysis or disassembly of kata to fully understand its techniques to break down
Oyo 応用 Application of bunkai by extracting movements of the bunkai (personal and creative interpretation) apply, practical use
Kobudo 古武道 Okinawan weapons training including the bō (wooden staff) sai Old martial way