Private Lesson Protocol

Looking forward to a great 2024!  

If you are a certified Sensei teaching at the dojo, these are the rules:

Commitment:   Instructors keep 100% of private lesson earnings; but it is mandatory that each instructor volunteer a minimum of 1x per week in a standard/consistent timeslot. In order to book lessons, you need to bond with the parents and students in your class… and so the Sr. Black belts can mentor you.  In the case of an emergency, you must have someone fill in to cover your absence.  If you can’t commit to volunteering at one these classes, you are not permitted to teach lessons. 

Shihan has a list of volunteers in the office. Please stop and visit him on Monday’s to select your volunteer teaching slot.     

  • Monday Novice (5:30)                                        
  • Monday Intermediate (6:15)             
  • Monday Advanced (7:00)                    
  • Tuesday Beginners (5:30)                    
  • Tuesday Novice (6:30)                          
  • Tuesday Kata Class (7:00)                    
  • Wednesday Novice (5:30)                   
  • Wednesday Intermediate (6:15)           
  • Wednesday Advanced (7:00)             
  • Thursday Nursery (5:00)                                      
  • Thursday Ninja (5:30)                                                                                          
  • Thursday Kobudo (6:00)                       
  • Thursday Adult (7:30)                            
  • Saturday Kihon 10:00 AM                           

Responsibilities:  Equipment must be returned after use, and if the dojo or restroom is messy, the instructor should do quick maintenance to keep up a professional. The student’s parent should always be present when teaching a lesson.

BLACK OUT TIMES:  Please no lessons during the following timeframe.  You may use one of these time periods as your class commitment to teach and schedule before/after.

  1. Tuesday 5:30-7:15
  2. Thursday 5:00-6:15

Monday is also very busy, remember that class takes priority to dojo space.  Please try to utilize the off days as much as possible:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Appearance:  Image is everything.  If you are teaching, you must always wear your Full Gi or ASK branded t-shirt with obi and gi pants.  No other outfits/shirts:   Team Kumite gear is not permitted, other top ten etc. uniforms not permitted.  Dojo/Team Kumite Gi pants with “Viola Karate” Shirt only.  On cold days you can wear an official “Viola Karate” sweat shirt that Waylon will be taking orders.  We want standard uniformity, no other brands. 

Resources:  Remember all vocab and testing requirementsare accessible at or Every instructor should have a 3-ring binder with their own copy of all the belt requirements/vocab. 

Injury:  If anyone is ever injured under your supervision, you must report it to Sensei Bill immediately (via text/cell).  First aid, ice packs etc. are available at the dojo but if anyone shows signs of a concussion or serious injury (we do have a protocol you should review) then they should stop training immediately and seek medical attention.

Transparency:  If you are teaching in the back dojo, always invite the parent to view the lesson in the back.  If you are the only one in the dojo, lessons should be taught on the front tatami. Parents should always be present during a private lesson.    

Clean up:  The dojo is your office.  Please remind your students to treat it with respect.  Although Sensei Bill cleans the dojo during the week, if he is not present during your lesson you should keep a watchful eye out.  1.  You should always put all equipment away (everything has a home).  2.  Please straighten up, clean up any water bottles or trash on the dojo floor, desk area or lobby area before you begin teaching if you are the first one in or if you are the last one out.  3.  If the trash is overflowing, please discard it to the dumpster (and put in a new bag) if needed. If the mats / lobby need a quick sweep, please take a moment to keep the school looking its best.  It is a reflection of our entire team.   4.  All TV’s, main lights, furnaces, and fireplace must be turned off before you leave the dojo. 

Dan Advancement:

Dan (Degree) advancement is not just time in between rank testing.  For instance, the August 2022 Black Belts would meet the minimum time requirement 4-months after their second anniversary test.  That does not automatically schedule testing in early 2024.  New required kata must be learned, and attendance in Shihan’s black belt class is mandatory, as he will ultimately give the ok to schedule a dan test.  

Shihan is creating a tracking system for Dan testing. A minimum of 2x per month leading up to the exams. A text or call must me made to Shihan when missing any black belt class. No excuses.  

Formal Rei: 

To be implemented in all Advanced classes.

Titles:  Mr. Mrs. or

  • All Black Belts are called “Sensei” within the dojo
  • All Brown Belts are called “Senpai” within the dojo
  • When teaching use formal titles.

Late for class protocol: 

  • Novice:  Teach them about going around class and being at the end of the line
  • Intermediate class:  10 push ups
  • Advanced Class:   25 push ups
  • Black Belt Class:  50 push ups

All tests, students must be in full gi (uniform).  No shirts.  Remind your novice students. 

2024: Updated new Clearances:  All Sensei must have their background checks and clearances up to date (14 years of age and older). 

Adults:  18+ Volunteers

1. ACT 34 CLEARANCE (PA Criminal Background Check) Volunteer is FREE

2. Child Abuse Certification: Volunteer is FREE

Youth: 14 -17

1. Child Abuse Certification: FREE