Earning Shodan 初段 is the just “beginning” of the journey.  Students should prepare and set goals towards Jr. Nidan and Nidan ranks.  Below are list of requirements and outline to achieve your next rank. Please remember the minimum requirement for Nidan is 16 years of age (Jr. Nidan) and 2 years time period from Shodan Test.  These are minimums and not guarantees.

You must complete stepping stones (pre-tests) leading up to your next dan test:

Pre-tests take place during the anniversary month of your shodan.  If you test with your original group, line rank can be shuffled based on performance.  These are standard (appox. 1-hour exams).  No history is required, however at age 14 a concepts are introduced.  Pre-tests are group exams: $100.  Sometimes these tests are referred to as “annual tests” or maintenance tests.  The senior Sensei will continue to evaluate you and give Shihan recommendations of your progress based on these pre-tests.  If you are under the age of 14, you will still take a 1x per year annual test, but do not have the oral concept to explain.  At age 14, you will confirm your Sr. Shodan rank by teaching an original lesson to the advanced class that incorporates one of Master Funakoshi’s 20 precepts.