Belt Minimum Requirement
Yellow Belt Kihon 
proper bow Count 1-10
proper fist Intro in Japanese
calistenics Hammer Fist
focus position 1 perfect push up
samurai position
ninja position
horse stance
front stance
punch in horse stance
hammer fist
front snap in place
side snap in place
rising (high block) in place
stepping punch
Orange Belt (Graduate 2x per week & Sparring) Heian Shodan
double punch in horse stance kata presentation
reverse punch in place Grab shoulders:  Basic take down sweep
back first Tie Belt
Inside forearm block 5 push ups
Rising (high) block moving
Downward (low) block moving
side thrust kick in place
back stance
shuto block
front snap kick moving (special Kamae-te)
Blue Belt Heian Nidan
Rising block rev. punch Heian Sandan @ 1st Tip
Downward block rev. punch 10 push ups
Outside Forearm block Participate in class sparring
Inside / outside forearm block rev. punch Grab shoulders:  Basic take down sweep w counter
3-punches (face, stomach, stomach) 1 step Mount
Side thrust moving (special Kamae-te)
Double Front Snap kick moving (2-steps) low/high
Front snap side snap moving
Shuto Spear
outside-to-inside cresant kicks (horse stance kamae-te) w/elbow
Jab reverse punch
x2 (Double up side kick) in place from sparring position
Green Belt (Graduate to 3rd Adv. Class) Heian Yodan
The wave moving 15 Push ups
High, middle, low blocks with reverse punch Formal Bow Ceremony
Forearm elbow strike Karate wa rei ni hajimari rei ne owaru
Horse stance side thrust/side snap Grab shoulders: Knee, Basic take down sweep w counter
Front snap side thrust
Front Snap kick punch (lead hand jab)
Knee strikes in place (heian yodan style)
Roundhouse Kick
Inside-to-outside Cresant Kick
Shuto front snap spear
4 combo:  Front snap, side thrust, side snap, round house
Side step (movement)
x2 pump kicks moving forward
Progressive kicks 1-5
Purple Belt Heian Godan
All Blocks w/ reverse punch (Wave) Ultimate Aim of Karate
Double X-block (low fists, high open hand) 20 push ups
Hook Kick Catch kick takedowns (stomach/face) scoop/V
Defensive side kick (shuffle backwards side thrust) Basic sweeps:  front leg, back leg, double leg
Spin back hook kick in place (fighting position)
Jump Front Kick
Shuto roundhouse spear
x3 pump kicks moving forward
4 kick combos
Front kick, sidekick in place same leg no touch
Progressive Kicks 1-5 up and down
Brown Belt Bassai Dai
Block punch combs with rev. punch and rev. front snap 25 Push ups
Side thrust knee level
Roundhouse kick hook kick same leg
Spin back kick moving
Jump Side Kick
Shuto hook kick spear
5 kick combo
Progresive 1-8
x5 pump
Brown Belt to Black Belt Jump back kick
Elbow strikes (side, inside, downward, cross) Iron Broom
Progressive Kicks 1-10 Tornado kick
x5 pump kicks moving forward Charlie horse
Rebound kick (lead leg kick 2x emphasis on speed) Create own kata with Bunkai (outline)
180 punches
180 downward block punches
Vertical jump kick in place
Palm strikes
Double punches (ninjushiho) moving
Tip 1 Maxim 1 Essay  30 push ups
Tip 2 Maxim 2 Essay  35 push ups
Tip 3 Maxim 3 Essay  40 push ups
Tip 4 Maxim 4 Essay  45 push ups
Tip 5 (1st Kyu) Maxim 5 Essay  50 push ups
Create own 4 series self-defense demonstration
Guard/Mount/Half Guard/Take down/Sprawl
Submissions:  arm bar/rear naked choke/guillotine
2-minute free-style grappling