Pronouce Literal Common use Kanji
shear roe white white
cho cho butterfly butterfly 蝶々
doe joe Way Place Karate school 道場
gee uniform uniform
hi yes yes はい
heb bee snake snake
ka may e tay posture low block ready 構え手
ka raw tay empty hand japanese self-defense 空手
key eye spirit shout yell 気合
oh bee sash belt
oh na ka stomach stomach お腹
oh tay rye restroom restroom 御手洗い
ray respect bow
sen say one born before teacher 先生
she zoo ka quiet quiet 静か
tay hand hand
toe moe da chi friend friend 友達
tor rah tiger tiger
key ear row yellow yellow 黄色
awe she foot/leg foot/legs
doe moe thanks thanks どうも
hey on peace peace 平安
kah-tah form imaginary fight
key bah dach horse stance knees bent stance 騎馬立
koe she hips hips
ku bee neck neck
me zoo water water
shear ree rear portion butt
show dawn beginning level 1st kata or Heain 1 初段
gya-koo zoo-key reverse thrust reverse punch  逆突
yah may quit stop 辞めます
hah-jee-may beginning start はじめ
yoh-koh side sideways
my-eh front front
you ka floor floor
ten joe sky, heaven ceiling 天井
or ren gee orange orange オレンジ
ah-tah-mah head head
foo na koo she Funakoshi Founder of shotokan (1868-1957) 船越 義珍
 hee-dah-ree left left
hee key tay pull hand reaction arm 引手
hee za knee knee
tore rah no may tiger’s eye eye of the tiger 虎の目
kuw me tay grappling hands sparring 組手
mee gee right right
shoe-tow knife hand open hand block 手刀
ta tom mee fold, pile mat
tet tue eee iron hammer hammer fist 鉄槌
toe bee flying jump
key-hon fundamentals basics 基本
Tot tsue dragon dragon
ken fist fist
sen pie earlier colleague senior student 先輩
ku da sigh please please ください
owl blue blue
dah-chee stand stance 立ち
geh-ree kick kick
koh-Q breathing breathing 呼吸
coe knee chi wa hello hello (mid-day) こんにちわ
oo-ra-ken backside fist back fist 裏拳
oy-zoo-key chase, follow stepping punch 追突
sign ya nara goodbye good bye さよなら
she-hawn expert/master master (teacher of teachers) 師範
say-zah kneel Samurai position 正座
show toe con house of shoto (whistling pines) name Funakoshi’s style 松涛館
eww-kay receive block
yoi and double yoi preperation get ready 用意
new-key-tay penetration hand spear 貫手
 yoh-ko gary side kick side kick 横 蹴
my-ehh gary front kick front kick 前蹴
itchy bon #1 first place 一番
tot tay stand up r 立て
me door re green green
ah-gay oo-kay rising block rising block 上げ受け
air re got toe go zie maus thank thank you thank you very much ありがと ございます
jew itch – knee jew #11-#20 counting 11-20 十 一 and 二十
doe path the way
har rah belly energy field in abdomen
koe-koo-tsu dah-chee back bend stance back stance  後屈立
N key round shape cartwheel 円形
mah-wah-she  gary turn kick roundhouse kick 回し蹴り
mah-wah-tay spin or around turn 回まわって
 moh-koo-soh silent thinking focus / clear mind 黙想
moo-sue-be dah-chee knot v-bow 結び立
naw gay cast or throw throw
oh ta guy mutual face each other show respect お互い
show men front of the head front of the room 正面
eww-chee hit strike
zen-koo-tsue Front bend Stance front stance 前足
shih-zen-tie natural stance focus/ready position 自然
mur ra sa key purple purple
boo war/military martial
boo she doe warrior way (samurai) way of the warrior 武士道
joe dawn upper level/degree/stage high level 上段
chew dawn middle middle level 中段
gay dawn lower column lower level 下段
ahh she ba righ tripping sweep 足払
go no sen after the prior block and counter 後の先
sen no sne prior to prior timing (be faster) 先 の 先
sen sen no sen prior to prior to prior take initiative 先 先 の 先
kay ah-gay rising snap [kick] 蹴上
kay-ko-mee riser thrust [kick] 蹴込
rue Q chain of Okinawan islands where karate grew up 琉球諸島
tay goo me hands crossing/engaged wrestling/grappling 手組
ewe-she-row back kick back kick  後蹴
zawn shin remaining mind total awareness 残心
moo shin no mind no fear 無心
em boo sen Military performance line invisible line (spot kata begins) 演武線
cha ear row brown brown 茶色
boo doe Martial way martial way 武道
boo gay Martial performance martial arts 武芸
boo jit sue Martial technique/method martial science 武術
eek en he sause tsue one fist certain death kill with one blow 一拳必殺
ee toe sue Funakoshi’s teacher Shuri-te master 糸洲 安恒
con G Han logographic characters 漢字
key may decision or commitment focus/tense at right moment of move 決め
ku zoo she destroy or demolish unbalance 崩し
oh yo apply (extracted kata techiques) application of bunkai 応用
pee non peaceful Okinawan peace or safe 平安
toe-kuWEE pride or triumph (your best) free kata 得意
tie sa ba key body movment defensive movement 体捌き
tama shee soul indomitable spirit
waa zaa skill technique  技
Boon-kai analysis/disassembly break it down 分解
dawn level degree
Q step grade or level
hawn-say self-reflection recognize mistake, grow from it 反省
my-eh interval distance 間合い
go-shin protect/guard (go) yourself (shin) self-defense 護身
you-don-sha have, possess rank person blackbelt 有段者
toe-day or toe-tay China Hand Chinese + Okinawan martial arts 唐手
Oss o (push) su (persevere) catch-all: thanks, I understand, good luck 押忍
nie-hawn-she internal divided conflict Okinawan name for Tekki 鉄騎
kay-koe practice/training/study practice/training 稽古
doe-zoe here you go or go ahead polite どぞ
die-show Greater/Large (major) Lessor/small (minor) Suffix: Kata (A) and kata (B) 大 and 小
hawn-she Master Okinawan name for master  範師
shore-in small forrest circular, fast okinawan karate 少林
shore-ray style of inspiration (Shoreiji Temple) strong and powerful okinawan karate 昭霊
tot-tsue-ma-key rolling/whirling dragon tornado 竜巻
shue-har-rhee obidence-divergance-tanscendence stages of mastery 守破離
Ray-gee Etiquette Manners 礼儀
shoe-gee-yo way of mastery intensity 修行 or 修業
heart, mind, soul metatphysical heart 無 Mu 心 Shin, 残 Zan 心 Shin, 誠 Sei 心 (true heart)
dar Bodhidharma (Indian Monk) Buddhist Monk who spread Zen